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Lake System Fish Species

Little Vermilion Lake System offers some of the best fishing in Canada for Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, and Tiger Musky. At Fireside, you can fish for Northern Pike on eight different lakes, Smallmouth Bass on five lakes, and Muskie and Tiger Musky on five lakes.

Our lake system features an incredible fish habitat with rock shoals, points, creeks, and bays, along with a wide variety of baitfish such as minnows, white suckers, yellow perch, leeches, and crayfish.

We also have cold-water baitfish like cisco and whitefish, which are fatty fish that help our Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, and Tiger Musky grow quickly and to impressive sizes.

Fishing Seasons:

  • Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass: From the third Saturday in May to the second Saturday in September.
  • Muskie & Tiger Musky: From the third Saturday in June.

Fishing is fantastic throughout the season for all species. To keep the excitement high, we fish in different spots and use a variety of techniques depending on the current conditions.

Ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure? Check out the specific season dates at the bottom of the page and get ready to reel in the big ones!

Fishing stages during open season

Our open season is broken down into six stages:

  • Pre-Spawn
  • Spawn
  • Post-Spawn
  • Early Summer
  • Summer
  • Late Summer/Fall

Each stage brings different behaviors for Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, and Tiger Musky.

  • Choose Your Perfect Time: Decide when to visit based on your favorite fish.
  • Level Up Your Game: Get pro tips on how to fish each stage like a champ.


Our Fishes

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are available on eight different lakes. Four of the lakes are available by boat and the other four are portage lakes. Fireside Lodge guests experience both fast action and trophy fishing for Northern Pike, having had days catching over 200 Pike in one day between 2 people.

Many trophy size Northern Pike over 40-inches up to 48-inches are caught, and you can expect to catch many Northern Pike in the 28 to 38-inch range. Because of our productive lake system and abundant baitfish our fish are very heavy weighing much more than an average Northern Pike. To read more details about Northern Pike fishing throughout different seasonal stages on Little Vermillion Lake System go to our “Northern Pike Information” Page. Enjoy

Our Fishes

Smallmouth Bass

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass here is FABULOUS. At Little Vermilion Lake, you’ve got five lakes packed with action, where you can catch these bass up to 18 inches!

Why It’s Awesome:

  • Trophy Catches: Fireside guests regularly reel in massive Smallmouth Bass between 18-20 inches. Every year, we see trophy catches over 20 inches, with the biggest ones hitting 24, 24.5, and even 25 inches. That’s some next-level bass fishing you won’t find anywhere else in North America!
  • Record-Breaking Days: We’ve had fishers haul in up to 200 Smallmouth Bass in one day and snag as many as 12 trophy fish in a single outing.

Want all the juicy details? Hit up our “Smallmouth Bass Information” page for tips and tricks on fishing through the seasons.

Thrill of The Catch!

Muskie & Tiger Muskie

At Fireside Lodge, you’ll find the thrill of catching Muskie and Tiger Musky across five different lakes. These freshwater predators, often called the fish of 10,000 casts, are more common in the Little Vermilion Lake system. Many of our guests land their first Muskie here, with some catching several, including big ones over 40 inches!
On a good day, two people have caught up to 14 Muskie, regularly snagging fish between 32 and 42 inches. It’s common to see Muskie between 43 and over 50 inches, and some guests land these giants every year. While specialized Muskie tackle can be fun, you don’t need special gear—many guests use the same tackle as for Northern Pike.

Come enjoy the great fishing we have at Fireside

Fishing Season & Special Regulations

Maskinonge & Hooch Lakes

Little Vermilion Lake System is all catch & release.

All Fish Photos were of fish caught and released by a Fireside Lodge Guest.

“The Future Of Fishing Is In Our Hands and Depends on all Fisher’s Responsible Release Efforts”