Breakfast & Lunch at Fireside Lodge

Whether it be in our contented dining room or on the shoreline of a quiet bay, mealtime is a memorable experience at Fireside Lodge!

Breakfast is a completely open menu consisting of everything from cold and hot cereals to loaded omelettes. The choice is yours every morning. Lunches are packed “to go” as a picnic lunch or shore lunch. Picnic lunches include sandwiches, chips, cookies, and fruit & beverage. Shore lunches consist of everything you need to cook a shoreline lunch with potatoes, onions, beans, and we provide walleye and whitefish fillets. This is our contribution to the conservation program and your opportunity to enjoy a fresh fish meal cooked over a fire.

American Plan Sioux Lookout Ontario

As for dinner, all meals are home cooked quality with portions to delight even a hearty “northwoods” appetite, and pastries & baked goods are all made “from scratch.” Our menu will please every taste and appetite, including health conscious choices and special dietary requirements. Your meals will be served to you at your personal table by a server paying special attention to your mealtime enjoyment.

If you choose to stay out on the lake for dinner hours, we will gladly pack up a shoreline dinner for you, or, if you lost track of time and fished right through dinner time, you meal will be packed up and waiting for you in your cabin or room.

With that kind of flexibility, you need not worry about sacrificing meals or service for your fishing routine.

The Dinner Menu
at Fireside Lodge

The following is an example of the dinner menu and the meals you will enjoy!

Dinners include: soup or salad, bread, vegetable, dessert, and a soft drink, milk, and coffee or tea.

Saturday night: Steak with baked potato or turkey breast salad*.

Sunday night: Saucy pork chops with roasted potatoes or baked mostacholli with garlic bread or meatless chili*.

Monday night: Teriyaki chicken with rice or roast beef and gravy with mashed potatoes or arizona skillet dinner*.

Tuesday night: Not your mother’s meatloaf with sweet potato casserole or pork roast and gravy with mashed potatoes or hearty bean and macaroni stew*.

Wednesday night: Barbecue ribs with Parmesan potatoes or savory chicken with lemon pepper pasta or pasta with marinara sauce*.

Thursday night: Prime rib with baked mashed potatoes or rosemary chicken with rice or pasta with tomato-lentil sauce*.

Friday night: Turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes or apple, rosemary and thyme pork chops with scalloped potatoes or tortellini stew*.

* Meals low in fat, cholesterol, sodium or calories, or high in fiber.

Meal hours are: breakfast from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

This allows plenty of time for fishing and relaxing. In fact, you’ll have more time to yourself on our American Plan because everything is taken care of for you!