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Fireside Lodge
Box 218
Sioux Lookout, ON, Canada P8T 1A3

      We just returned from Fireside Lodge after a 9 day vacation. This was our 4th visit for my wife and I. The previous 3 visits were great so we were excited to return. We arrived 45 minutes early (for our earlier check in) so we waited in our car in the parking lot outside of the lodge. After sitting there for several minutes we noticed 1 of the owners walking around the grounds. Audrey saw our vehicle arrive and went looking for us and told us our cabin was ready. We stayed in cabin 6 and it was spotless. Alan gave us a map of the lake, boat instructions, and we were fishing within the hour.
    The staff was very helpful and polite. Whatever you may need they are always ready to help. The young man at the dock was exceptional. Arlow greeted us everyday and night. He made sure the boat was cleaned and ready to go for the next day. The girls in the dining room were just as nice. You will not go hungry at Fireside. Lunches are waiting for you in a cooler and coffee in your cabin.
    We fished from 5 am to 7 am, ate breakfast, then fished from 8 am to 9 pm. Lunch was enjoyed while motoring to another spot. We missed dinner at the lodge 5 times during our stay. When we returned to our cabin our dinner was waiting for us. We are on the water most of the time and usually we do not see any other boats except for 1 or 2 motoring by occasionally. Catch and release is what all of the guests at Fireside practice so you don’t have to worry about seeing stringers full of fish day after day.
    The fishing wasn’t easy but still we still managed to have a great week. My wife caught 7 Musky and I caught 3. We had many more follows or lost some at the boat. We caught a Lake Trout, a huge 40 inch Northern Pike (personal best), 200 smaller pike, and some big smallmouth bass. We fish hard from sun up to sun down. I would fish longer but we have to have the boat back at 9pm. This lake has lots of water and after 4 years we are still fishing new water. This is my 23rd year fishing in Ontario or Quebec Canada. I have seen some good lodges and I’ve been scammed by others. Fireside is the best one I have visited. After years of worrying about boats, cabins, safety, food, and fishing we no longer have to worry about that.
    On our travel day we fly from Pittsburgh to Toronto, Toronto to Thunder Bay, and drive 4 hours to Sioux Lookout. Flights are 1 hour to Toronto and 90 minutes to Thunder Bay. We stay at the Days Inn or Best Western for 1 day. On check in day we shop at the grocery store for fruits, snacks, beer, and wine in the town of Sioux Lookout.

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