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Hard to believe it was 30 years ago, in May of 1990 that Audrey and I had our first opening day welcoming our very first guests venturing into the unknown of what years to come would bring. Looking back it seemed that everything was simpler, from our cabins, our boats, it was a time of no cell phones, no internet, email or texting, and good old fashion conversation ruled the day. Even though the great fishing we have is the main reason our guests choose Fireside Lodge over the years, it was not only the wonderful fishing experience that has kept them returning all these years. It was the conversations which started in the dinning room and lodge, creating relationships that became a big part of guests wanting to return year after year. In recent years a guest asked Audrey what was our biggest surprise owning Fireside Lodge, and without missing a beat she answered “It was the people and the many wonderful relationships we have developed over the years that we did not anticipate happening”. Very well said and very true for us both. We are now open and operating and Audrey, I, and our

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staff are excited and ready to receive and service guests for the 30th year. For those who have not yet made their reservations please call and check availability as we still have some limited open dates. Time keeps rolling bye and Audrey and I hope we have another opportunity to see some of our guests of years gone bye, and introduce new guests to our wonderful fishing wilderness experience at Fireside Lodge.

Thanks for 29 unbelievably wonderful years at Fireside Lodge and hope to enjoy the 30th with you. Sincerely Alan & Audrey Brandys your Hosts at Fireside Lodge



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