Tried & Tested Tools

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For Your Success

These are not just random picks but tried and tested tools that will surely enhance your fishing experience.


  1. Mepps Musky Killer (single, tandem, Giant, Magnum)
  2. Mepps Black Fury size 4-5
  3. Spoons
  4. Big Whopper Ploppers
  5. Big walking baits
  6. Buzz baits


  1. Ned Rigs 
  2. Plastic worms
  3. White Flukes
  4. Jigs with trailers
  5. Crankbaits
  6. Spinnerbaits 
  7. Small swimbaits with various-sized jig heads
  8. Grubs
  9. Umbrella Rigs (3 hooks)


  1. Big Bucktails (Double showgirl/Cowgirl)
  2. Big Swimbaits 
  3. Whopper Ploppers 190

Ultralight Fishing:

  1. Panther Martins 
  2. Small jig heads 
  3. Trout plastics
  4. Small spoons

Additional Suggestions!!!

We have some suspending lures and sinking lures (which we have in the tackle shop!), like the X-rap #10 and 12 and Yo-Zuri 5.75” crystal minnow series.

Also, the medium/small Whopper Ploppers work well, as does the Zara Spook.